Ditch the social networks,
focus on relationships.

Bruuunch (“brunch”) is a social experience without all of the superficial and manipulative aspects. It‘s just you and the friends and family you love.

Be the user,
not the product.

With no ads, influencers, or paid promotions, you are the main priority of Bruuunch. Every design choice is made to help you have the best experience.

Private. Secure.
No strangers allowed.

Don’t stress about clout or arguing with friends of a friend. Only friends can interact with you on Bruuunch. Even if you comment on a friend’s post, only mutual friends will see it.

Life is not
a numbers game.

Socializing should not be stressful. We try to help with soothing color choices, the lack of like counts, and other intentional design.

Relationships are
more than a status.

Don’t have anything in particular to say? Use our interesting prompts for loved ones to learn more about you. Then react to others with fun emojis!

Say goodbye to
invasive data tracking.

Our data tracking is minimal, not shared with any “partners”, and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.